Tuesday, January 26, 2010

I’m Dead Serious - It’s time to Live!

It’s time!  Yes. It. Is.

I DEMAND YOU TO STOP RIGHT NOW – stop your moping and your excuses and your apologies for not living the life you really, really, really, reeaallyy want to live.  I’ve heard them all, and I’ve even used them myself.  I can boldly say that I was once the Queen of Procrastination & Distraction (well I’m a Gemini that’s what we do – d’oh here I go again with the excuses!), but no more do I want to own that title! 

Note to Spiritual Dominatrix Self: Smash Tiara with bright red stiletto after writing blog!

So right now we are going to do things differently and entirely consciously as we give ourselves permission to unleash the power within you!  ‘Yeah, here we go ... (I’m reading your mind!) ... I’ve heard that motivational mumbo-jumbo BS before, and nothing’s changed’.  ‘So what?’ I’d say back to you; ‘..this is a new experience, with a new coach who doesn’t give a shit about the other so-called self development courses you’ve done before you met me.’

Damn it!  I know you’ve done the inspirational stuff before (that’s why you’re here!) and you’re still stuck in ‘what more do I need to do to get the life I want to live!?’ And I’d like to acknowledge that’s a valid question and one I’m going to answer. 

So for starters let me tell you what I aint going to do.
  • I aint going to make you walk over hot coals.
  • I aint going to make you write out a list of ‘goals’ of what you think you want.
  • I aint going to get you to scream in front of 5000 people ‘I’m a Winner!’
  • I aint going to yell in your ear that my way is the way to freakin’ enlightenment!
  • I aint going to even care if you do what I tell you, it’s not my bloody business.

Now that we’ve got that clear let me tell you what I am going to suggest to you.  Again it’s a suggestion, not a how-to-do-what-the-spiritual-dominatrix-wants-you-to-do-to-prove-she’s-got-a-better-life-than-everyone-else action plan, because baby, that’s not how I roll!

This is what I suggest you do.
  • Do Nothing
  • Do Everything
  • Do Truth

Nothing. Everything. Truth.  What the f’ is she thinking? (... again reading your mind!) – no wonder I’m an award winning psychic ... ooohhhh!

Yes do nothing, while you are doing everything, and do it always in Truth.  I bet you’re scratching your head right now (not because you’ve got knits), however trying to work out what the hell this lil’ Spiritual Dominatrix is trying to say.  Okay let me repeat this slowly this time ... D o  n o t h i n g  , w h i l e  y o u  a r e  d o i n g  e v e r y t h i n g,  a n d  d o  i t  a l w a y s  w i t h  t r u t h!  Was that slow enough for you? 

I’m suggesting that instead of you actioning everything, and planning everything, and pushing everything to MAKE things happen, that you first of all do nothing for a while.  Rest the goals, put aside the plans, and surrender the ‘doing’ for a while to start ALLOWING life to just happen.  WHATTTTTT!!!!!!????  (.. again you got to stop yelling at ME!)  Well, what’s the worst that can happen if you do nothing for a while? Well, huh?  You may just get the clarity you need to find out how you really want to live.

Next there’s Do Everything!  What I mean by this is open yourself up to a world of ‘all possibilities’ that allow ‘all experiences’ and leads you to being open to doing everything in your life.  You can be more specific and say ‘I allow everything that is purposeful, loving and divine in my life!’ if you want to!  Just get my drift when I say ‘do everything’, and this means being brave to breaking your comfort zone – because this presumed safety zone will end up being your prison!

And lastly, and the most important of the three, is Do Truth!  No more lies, no more untruths, no more fantasy, no more delusions, no more distractions – I simply invite you to do truth!  And it’s as easy as saying to yourself, ‘Am I in Truth, or am I in Fear right now?’ ... you will always get the answer from within.  Some people refer to Truth as Love, I do not.  The reason being is the word ‘love’ in our society is too complicated and connected to too many ideals of Hollywood Movies, unrealistic relationships ... you get where I’m going with this.  So I choose the word ‘Truth’ because it’s bold, it’s daring, it’s purposeful, it’s natural, it’s the true you ... and the True ME!

So now I let you go and try these Soul Whipping tips out.  Know I’m not going to test you on it – you cannot pass or fail – you are way too smart for that! 

Maria Elita
Your Spiritual Dominatrix!